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Choose the time and subject that works best for you, and we’ll save you a seat at the table. Ask questions, meet the team, and learn how to utilize these tools to boost visibility, improve sustainable buying decisions, and stand out as an industry leader.

State of Our Union | Leadership Roundtable

From inspiration to documentation, ecomedes + Mortarr have come together to reduce costs, carbon, and impact of commercial buildings. Join our leadership team for a download on the acquisition, what it means for you and what, with your help, it means for the built environment.

Office Hours with ecomedes

Join Maiah Alman and Lindsey Rogers for a tour of the ecomedes platform. Learn how to find products that align with various Green Building Rating Systems like LEED, WELL, and Living Building Challenge, and how to analyze and document your designs featuring high-performance + sustainable products.

Meet Mortarr

Looking to:

  • + Get your products found earlier in the project planning process?

  • + Grow brand + product visibility in the commercial A&D community?

  • + Amplify engagement with sustainably certified products?

Join Amy Petersen and Paul Shahriari on Wednesday, May 4 at 1 p.m. CT.

Thursday, May 5 — 1 p.m. CT

Office Hours with Mortarr

Join Lindsey Rogers and Maiah Alman for a tour of the Mortarr platform. From personal profiles and Design Rooms, to digital showrooms and product tags, we’ll show you how you can go from inspiration to information in just a few clicks.

Friday, May 6 — 11 a.m. CT

Meet ecomedes

Looking to:

  • + Aggregate and simplify products that align with various Green Building Rating Systems like LEED, WELL, and Living Building Challenge.

  • + Support sales and distributor teams with efficiencies during project and procurement stages.

  • + Streamline how AEC professionals find, analyze, and document their designs featuring high-performance + sustainable products.

Join Paul Shahriari and Amy Petersen Friday, May 6 at 11 a.m. CT.



Chief Executive Officer

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Chief Innovation Officer

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Chief Technology Officer


Chief Marketing Officer

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Maiah Alman_Headshot.png
Lindsey Rogers_Headshot_edited.png
Launch Week // Hosts

Account Executive

Content Director

Head of Customer Success

Customer Success Manager


For the Greener Good

Sip cocktails with the Mortarr + ecomedes leadership team LIVE on Instagram as they discuss the future of the industry, how we’re joining forces, their current reads and listens, and what the water savings are on one-gallon toilets over a 3-year span. Just kidding on that last one, but they could tell you.



Learn more about the acquisition and our joint force for green in the commercial construction + design industry.


What’s a launch week without happy hour(s)?

*not intended for single-use plastic or red solo cups

Green Machine

1 Ripe Avocado (pitted and peeled)

1/4 c. Cilantro (if desired)

1/2 c. Fresh Lime Juice

Pinch kosher salt

1 c. Blanco Tequila

1/2 c. Agave Simple Syrup (equal parts water and agave syrup)

10-12 Ice Cubes

Lime Wheels


+ In a blender, blend the avocado, cilantro, lime juice, and salt until smooth

+ Add the tequila, agave nectar simple syrup, avocado purée, and ice cubes and blend until smooth

+ Transfer to a chilled glass, garnish with a lime round, and serve

That's the (Green) Tea

1 1/2 oz. Gin
3/4 c. Water
1/2 oz. Fresh Lime Juice
1/2 t. Matcha
1/5 T. Agave
5 Mint Leaves
1 Mint Sprig

+ In a cocktail shaker, muddle the mint, agave, and lime juice
+ Add the remaining ingredients and shake with ice until chilled and the matcha is dissolved
+ Strain into a rocks glass with fresh ice and garnish with mint sprig

Lanch Week // Curated


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