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Mortarr a Class
Project and Win.


Create. Share. Win.


Use Mortarr to enhance a current class project — a commercial one, of course — and be entered to win not only a $1,000 cash prize, but also be recognized with our CRANE KICK AWARRD (little Karate Kid reference there) for top student project in 2022.

You’ll gain the attention of the industry and future employers looking for their next award-winning architect or designer.​

How to

Enter: Step One

Choose a current, commercial class project to submit​

Barn Light Home 1.png

Step Two

Create a free personal profile on using your .edu email address, and start

a Design Room for your project

Step Three

Search Mortarr’s Inspiration Feed for additional inspo for your project and save the images to your project’s Design Room​

Group 13.png

Step Four

Invite your professor and classmates to your project’s Design Room and get their feedback on your work using the Design Room's comment feature

Rectangle 4.png
Design Rooms.png

Step Five

Upload your final project photos and design brief to your Design Room and share one of the final renderings on instagram tagging @Mortarr and using #mortarrintheclassroom2021

Deadline to Enter 12.31.2021

Meet the Judges

We set out to assemble a panel of judges unlike the world has ever seen. Queue the music. Like any good team-building scene, we music montaged our way through an action sequence and recruited some of the brightest minds in commercial design, marketing, and photography to help give credit where credit is due. Meet last year's team that'll save the world from mediocrity.

Stayed tuned for our 2021 panel of judges.



So How Does Mortarr Work?

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